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Introducing AmberChes Spirits, a family-owned business based in Western Australia. Founded in early 2020, this passion project has since grown into a flourishing business, specialising in Gins, Vodka, and liqueurs. What sets AmberChes apart from other distilleries is their commitment to handcrafting their spirits, using locally sourced botanicals and fruits whenever possible.

AmberChes Spirits is a family affair, with Dean, Heather, Alicia, and Lauren all contributing their unique skills and expertise to establish the business. Their passion for experimentation has led them to develop a range of gins that are sure to delight even the most discerning palate. It's worth noting that their gins have won awards, a testament to the quality and care put into each bottle.

As a distillery, AmberChes Spirits prides itself on its attention to detail and its commitment to producing high-quality spirits. They're always on the lookout for new and exciting flavours to bring to their customers, which they release periodically through their website and social media.

In short, AmberChes Spirits is a distillery that is dedicated to crafting unique and delicious spirits, using only the finest ingredients. Whether you're a gin enthusiast or want to try something new, AmberChes Spirits is worth a taste.

Our Story

Toasting Family, Creating A Legacy!

Discover the prestigious awards earned by AmberChes Spirits, showcasing their excellence in crafting remarkable spirits. Click here to explore their accolades and witness the artistry behind their acclaimed creations.


When we bought our first still for AmberChes by a crazy coincidence the still's name was Chester,  just like our adored Irish Setter, Chester. Chester is a pedigree and his registered name is "Aednat Amberches" (a combination of his name and the breeder's name) and that's how AmberChes was born! Chester really keeps an eye on the business around here, making sure everything runs smoothly. Plus, he's by our side, when we have enough hands around to keep him entertained! joining us at markets and events, spreading that endearing vibe and creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Cheers to Chester, the ultimate team player at AmberChes!


The Ches behind AmberChes Spirits


Dean is a seasoned professional with a background in Oil and Gas, now serving as the Director and Distiller at AmberChes Spirits Distillery. His extensive operational expertise ensures the flawless execution of all distillery operations for a seamless and efficient workflow.


Heather is a skilled Administrator who excels in event organization and serves as the chief salesperson. She adeptly manages the revenue-generating aspects of the business while ensuring everyone stays on track and in harmony.


Alicia, a Chemical Engineering Master's graduate, is the head distiller and recipe developer behind the business. Her passion for distilling ethanol, born from her final year research project, led her to delve into the industry. Alicia's remarkable talent has resulted in multiple award-winning gins, solidifying her as one of Australia's youngest and most accomplished female distillers


Lauren, holding a Master's in Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics, played a pivotal role in constructing the distillery. Currently, she focuses on social media management and contributes to the overall business strategy and analysis, leveraging her technical expertise and analytical skills to drive growth and engagement.

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